We are pleased you have navigated your way to our site. Our Club draws from all types of personalities and backgrounds to coalesce into a group sometimes known as "lake people." The interest in water recreation that binds us, is one that lures newcomers every boating season. Some fade after a year or two, but those who remain are absolutely hooked on a most rewarding recreational activity. Some of us truly dedicated "dock rats" have infested marinas around the country and formed "yacht" clubs. Truth is that few own a yacht class vessel, but we have to name our group something!

Wonderful Lake Murray, Oklahoma has given us a venue that rivals any in beauty and serenity. This nearly 6000 acre lake is totally within the boundaries of the State park baring its name. As such, the shoreline is pristine, with only the sights of nature to decorate the water’s edge. The rocky terrain keeps the mud to a minimum, and produces water clarity other regional lakes can only envy. The two marinas provide shelter and service, and support our Club in an outstanding fashion.

Within these pages are photos, maps, dates and statistics from a variety of sources.  Contributors are not specifically acknowledged, but are much appreciated. Others are open sources from which particulars have been extracted for presentation in convenient context. The prose in which the details are presented is the work of LMYC and is offered to anyone interested.   

As you continue on your journey through our site, we hope you find some amusement, information and inspiration to perhaps join us for this wonderful experience we call the Lake Murray Yacht Club.

We hope you enjoy Lake Murray as much as we do.  Visit our site often to keep up with what's happin' around the lake.

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