2018 Poker Run

Sunday September 2
1st Prize - $500 2nd Prize - $300 3rd Prize - $200 50/50 Pot - $978
John Cole Charlotte Lee Patrick Fletcher Tim Long
Four Queens Four Jacks Full House Kings over 4s  

Thanks to Event Sponsors Diana Baldwin, Kathy Enos, and Terri Pinkston and all the Club Members that helped make this even a great success!!!

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Pizza Dinner
Being Rescheduled - TBD
Marina Wharf

Everyone Welcome.
Yacht Club will privide pizza, beer, and water.  You are welcome to bring your own ice chest.

TIA to Mike McKenzie the Event Sponsor and to Spyglass and the Marina for use of the Wharf.
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Buoy Boys Back in Action.

The Buoy Boys have been back in action, with the new buoy work boat.

Over the past 3 weekends, 8 new buoys have been placed in empty coves.

The Boys were in action Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this weekend, placing 2 new mooring buoys, and 2 new no wake buoys off of breakwater.

Buoy face lifts have begun with buoys getting new numbers and stripes and reflectors.

The buoy boat allows us to drive over a buoy and pull it up on a hoist so we can access the entire buoy and refirbish or replace.

4 more new buoys are scheduled for later this summer.

Thanks, thanks, thanks to the guys.

Jay Cantrell, Ron Fields, Mike McKenzie, Bill Mullins, Glen Pinkston, and Steven Thomas.

Special thanks to Guest Star Ben Gadd who delivered pizza to the hungry crew in Cove 57 Friday afternoon.


Boater Safety Training Course

May 12, 2018
Tucker Tower Meeting Room


Couse will be hosted by LMYC and taught by Trooper Casey Hall

With this course, your youngster can drive PWC and Boat at an earlier age AND you likely will get a break on your insurance.
It's fun!        It's Free!     Save on Insurance!
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Lake Murray Village Volunteer Fire Department

Annual Fund Raising Catfish Dinner
Saturday May 19, 2018
5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Turn south at Fireside and bear right at the fork.

Lake Murray Village VFD is likely the first respoders to the Marina area.  Join us next weekend for a 'free' catfish dinner.  Donations are accepted and there are raffles and other events. 

Fire equipment will be available for the kids to enjoy.  There is rumor of a helicopter. 

Shoreline Cleanup

Saturday April 28
9:00 - noon
Meet at Marina Wharf



Lunch at Pinkston's Dock - BR6

EVENT SPONSOR: Terri Pinkston

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LMYC Annual Meeting
April 14, 2017 - 9:00
Lake Murray Convention Center

Thanks to all for attending the Annual Meeting. 

And thanks to all our presenters, we learned a lot.

We had presentations/discussions from:

Spyglass/Marina - Phil Kraft and Dee Suggs
Lake Murray Lodge Manager -  Michael Cooley
State Parks - Richard Keithley
Oklahoma Highway Patrol - Casey Hall

New Board Members were elected to 2 year terms:

Shannon Brady
Linda Lambert
Brad Solley

The Board afterwards approved the 2018 Events Schedule which is HERE
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What a Great Day!!!!!!!!!

If you missed the CAST event yesterday you missed a really great day at the lake.

CAST for Kids and Lake Murray Yacht Club teamed to bring this special day to almost 40 kids and families.

We had boats and fishing, and fire trucks, and highway patrol boats, a big Easter egg hunt and lots and lots of food. 

You will not want to miss this awesome event next year, was just a beautiful way to start off the new lake season. 
Big thanks to our Event Sponsors Ron Fields and Diana Baldwin.  Even in spite of surgeries and the flu, they worked hard and made this happen.

Thanks to Spyglass and Lake Murray Marina and Phil and Dee and Jacob for all the help and use of the warf and marina facility.

Lake Murray Village Volunteer Fire Departmet was oh hand with a couple of big trucks for the kids to see and climb on.  Thanks guys so much.

Trooper Casey Hall circled the lake letting the kids see the OHP patrol boat in action, Thanks Trooper

Terri Pinkston, Kathy Enos, Michelle Thomas and a number of others pitched in and registered and organized and got the event running smoothly.  Thanks guys.

Linda Lambert and her bunny girls put on a great Easter egg hunt that was a smashing hit.

And all of our LMYC members that pitched in with donations, and volunteered time, and provided their boats, thank you sooooo much. 

There were a couple of very nice news articles on KXII TV yesterday.  Unfortunately they have not posted the video on their websie.  The is a nice article HERE

The Daily Ardmoreite posted a nice article this morning HERE

It was really fun to watch this all come down.  So many people having a great time bringing their efforts and talents together to make a very special day for these kids.

Lake Murray Village
Volunteer Fire Department

Annual Catfish Dinner

Saturday May 19, 2018 - 4:00
Lake Murray Village Fire Station

These guys are typically the first to respond to an event at the Marina and Lake Murray

Come out and show them our support. 

Dinner is FREE with whatever donation you might want to make.

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February 23, 2018

Water Level is 746.75'
Spillway is 750'

Lake Temperature 45F

Water Visibility 8' 10"

All Ramps Open
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New OHP Trooper on the Lake

Casey Hall is the new OHP Trooper for Lake Murray.

He began patrolling the Lake July 4 weekend.

501 (c) (3)
LMYC just received its 501 (c) (3) Federal Tax non-profit status.

This means any donations (not dues) to the Club will qualify for tax deduction status.

Thanks to Terri Pinkston for her work here, this is quite an accomplishment.

Paperwork is being prepared to provide donors with proper documentation to achieve their tax deduction.

2017 Events Calendar is Available

See the 'EVENTS' tab for the full calendar

Its a NEW Buoy
(actually 2)

2 New Buoys were deployed last week in Cove 53 and 54

This is the first new buoy deployments since 2010
New Lake Map with Buoy Locations

Download HERE
  Report a buoy problem



Out with the Old - In with the New

The LMYC Buoy Team completed diving and tether repair on all LMYC Mooring Buoys this weekend and began the task of removing and replacing old failed buoys with new shiny ones and new numbers.

The remaining buoys will be refirbished with new numbers and replaced if bad over the remainder of the Summer.

Another BIG thanks to North Texas Marine for loaning us this beautiful camo work boat that has been so incredibly helpful working with the buoys.

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Marina Management and Personnel, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, and Lake Murray Yacht Club all came together last Friday to deploy 2 new Marina entrance LIGHTED Marker buoys.

LMYC donated much of the material, OHP helped to locate the markers in the correct location and Marina personnel and equipment set the new solar LED lights held in place with 300 lb anchors and new galvanized chain.

July 3 is a moonless night and we hope all will enjoy the new lighs as you return to the Marina after the fireworks show.

Thanks to everyone, Chad from the Marina, Officer Groeber from OHP, and the LMYC for this great improvement to our Marina.
Great Video of Lake Murray Marina and Tucker Tower
Published on Mar 6, 2016

This video was shot on March 5th, 2016. All video was shot with a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced quadcopter. The song is "Ocean Drive" by Duke Dumont.

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OHP Officer Mike Groeber demonstrates use of the new Side Scan Sonar to LYMC Board Members over the Memorial Day Weekend
OHP Officer Mike Groeber demonstrates use of the new Side Scan Sonar to LYMC Board Members over the Memorial Day Weekend.

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LMYC Procures Hummingbird 360 Side Scan Sonar for Oklahoma Highway Patrol to use for Search and Rescue at Lake Murray. 

Great news article on the Sonar on KTEN 5/27/15. 
Click HERE to view the video report.

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Buoy Restoration Under Way
Buoy Restoration Under Way
29 Dives - 20 Buoys With New Tethers
LMYC Members spent most of the weekend diving and restoring tethers on the lake's mooring buoys.  Scuba J made 29 dives inspecting tethers and anchor blocks and added new wire rope tethers to 20 buoys.  With only 5 more dives remaining, attention will now move to replacing damaged buoys, getting new numbers and reflectors in place, and hopefully anchoring some new buoys at approved locations.

A Big thanks to NORTH TEXAS MARINE OF GAINESVILLE for loaning their maintenance boat for the effort.  The job would have been almost impossible without that work boat.


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Red Neck Yacht Club

Saturday August 4

12:00 - 6:00

Cove 50 - Rock Tower

Idle on over and Throw Us a Line!

Beer, Water, Hot Dogs, and Snacks provided

You may want to bring your own cooler and additional snacks.

Thanks to all the LMYC members working this event especially Brad Solly the Event Sponsor

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