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February 6

Water Level is 750'

Spillway is 750'

Water trickling over swillway

Lake Temperature ?F (cold)
Water Clearing

All Ramps Open
Board Approves New By-Laws

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These will be discussed in full at the April Membership Meeting

New Photos in the Gallery from
  • April Membership Meeting
  • June 13 Dock Crawl
  • K Dock Griller
  • Red Neck Yacht Club
  • Yacht Cup Golf Tournament
  • 2015 Poker Run

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What a wonderful Labor Day weekend!! 
Great turn-out for the 2015 Poker Run. 

All Hands were sold.

First Prize Stacy Keith 4 Aces $500
Second Prize Linda Lambert   $300
Third Prize* Gwyn Crawford   $200
Third Prize* Mike McKenzie   $200
*2 Third Prizes were awarded this year
50/50 Pot Luck T.J. Roeslen $625

to our sponsors
for donating raffle prizes

Spyglass Equities (Marina Owners)

North Texas Marine

Fit Circle (Edmond)

Raffle Winners:

Bill  Mullins Brute cooler
Bill Brady Insulated water bottle
Brock Fisher $25
Brock Fisher reusable insulated bottle
Bill Enderby Brute cooler
Ben Henry $25
Shantel Baisden $25
Robert McKenzier $25
Judi Beaver $25
Kirsten McGonigal $25
Kelly McGonigal $25
Tommy Thompson $25

Event Chairpersons: Bobby and Kristi Drennan

Station Managers: Aja Drennan, Ben Gadd, Terri Pinkston, Mike Brooks, Chris Baisden, Bobby Drennan, Mike Self

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The Lake Murray Yacht Club’s side sonar assisted in the Aug. 21, 2015, Oklahoma Highway Patrol’s recovery operation at Lake Murray.
The equipment, purchased by the yacht club members, helped speed up the recovery effort that could have lasted days. The sonar equipment is in possession of the lake patrol and is available when needed.
Trooper Mike Groeber told Secretary/Treasurer Terri Pinkston it took him a couple of minutes to get the equipment up and running and then he was able to locate the victim  in 70 feet of water within another minute.
“I find it comforting that Officer Groeber had the tool he needed to be able to put a diver in position to recover the body within minutes of arriving on the scene.” Terri said.
Thank you yacht club members for your contribution to Lake Murray.

Ron Fields
LMYC President
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OHP Officer Mike Groeber demonstrates use of the new Side Scan Sonar to LYMC Board Members over the Memorial Day Weekend
OHP Officer Mike Groeber demonstrates use of the new Side Scan Sonar to LYMC Board Members over the Memorial Day Weekend.

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LMYC Procures Hummingbird 360 Side Scan Sonar for Oklahoma Highway Patrol to use for Search and Rescue at Lake Murray. 

Great news article on the Sonar on KTEN 5/27/15. 
Click HERE to view the video report.

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LMYC Members Repairing Buoy
LMYC Members Repairing Buoy
Did You Know?.......

LMYC Provides and Maintains the Buoys located in many coves on Lake Murray.

This is a service of the Yacht Club and the Buoys are available to all Lake Murray boaters on a first come first serve basis.

Over the Past few years, the Buoys have fallen into a state of disrepair.

LMYC recently completed a Buoy survey and 36 Buoys are available for public use and in good shape.

Another 24 buoys are missing and need to be replaced.

Efforts began this weekend to upgrade the buoys. 

It will take some time to locate the anchors for the missing 24 buoys and replace them but efforts are underway.

Support the buoy program, Join the Lake Murray Yacht Club.
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Oklahoma State Health Department
Office of Communications


Case of Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis (PAM) Reported

The Oklahoma State Department of Health announced today that a Carter County adult has died due to Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis (PAM) after recently swimming in Lake Murray.

PAM is an extremely rare and usually deadly disease caused by infection with a single-celled organism (ameba), Naegleria fowleri.  These disease-causing organisms are naturally present in most lakes, ponds, and rivers but multiply rapidly in very warm and stagnant water. Persons may be exposed to Naegleria fowleriameba when they dive or submerge their head in contaminated water. The ameba then travels up the nose to the brain where it destroys the brain tissue.

Symptoms of PAM initially include: high fever, headache, nausea, and vomiting.  Later, symptoms may include stiff neck, seizures, hallucinations, and coma.  PAM cannot be spread from person-to-person.  Most occurrences of PAM occur in the southern states. Since 1998, seven cases due to PAM have occurred among Oklahomans.

This tragic death emphasizes the importance of safe swimming behaviors, especially later in the summer as the water temperatures increase.  Health officials encourage Oklahomans to observe these water safety tips to avoid illness while swimming in lakes, rivers and other natural bodies of water:

Avoid forcing water up the nose when swimming, playing, jumping, diving, or dunking your head into bodies of fresh water, such as lakes and ponds.  This is especially important for water that is near shore, shallow, and warm.

Hold your nose or use nose plugs when jumping or diving into water.

Never swim in stagnant water, water that is cloudy and green, water that has mats of algae, or water that has a foul odor.

Do not swim in areas posted as "No Swimming".

Avoid swallowing water from rivers, lakes, streams, or stock ponds.

Swimming in properly maintained pools prevents PAM because chlorine rapidly kills the ameba.

For more information, visit:,_Prevention,_Preparedness/Acute_Disease_Service/Disease

Good Article about cause and risk from the Center of Disease Control


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Spillway Thursday Morning.  Rangers reported 27' over, personal observation was a bit less
Spillway Thursday Morning. Rangers reported 27" over, personal observation was a bit less
7/9 update
Gas Dock

Lake Murray Level is 1 inch over SE end of the spillway

Spillway is CLOSED to vehicle and pedestrian traffic

Lake Murray Spillway 6/18/15

Water rushing in to Lake Murray at the fishing bridge Wednesday June 17

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An amazing day at Lake Murray today, Thursday June 18.

All gas dock side boat dock walkways were under water.

Ramp to the marina was under water almost up to the rails.

The road in front of D dock and higher was under water

Ther road in front of BR6 was under water

Picnic tables in the beach area were standing in water.

The dock in front of the Lodge was under water, only vertical poles visable.

The fishing bridge was under water.

Elephant rock was barely visible

Several dock poles were outside their guide rail.
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Marina Store Access
Marina Store Access
BR6 Ramp Wednesday 8:00 p.m.
BR6 Ramp Wednesday 8:00 p.m.
Dock in front of Lodge 6/18
Dock in front of Lodge 6/18
Elephant Rock 6/18
Elephant Rock 6/18
Changing Our Name?

The Yacht Club Board has discussed changing the name of the Club to something that sounds a little less elite than 'yacht' and is more representative of its real function. 

Please send us your thoughts and if you have a good name we would love to hear it.

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