8/27/2016 Please be advised that the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality has issued a boil order for their Southern Oklahoma Water Corporation customers, which does include all of Lake Murray State Park. You can read the boil order details at the link below.


2016 LMYC Poker Run

Labor Day Weekend
Sunday September 4
12:00 - 4:00

1st Prize - $500.00 2nd Prize - $300.00 3rd Prize - $200.00

$25.00 per hand
$10.00 per mulligan

LMYC Members receive a tee shirt with each hand

Non-LMYC Members may purchase a tee shirt for $5.00 with each hand
(better yet.... join LMYC and get the tee shirt free)
Registration form HERE

Station Map HERE

Registrations MUST be RECEIVED at one of the locations below by NO LATER THAN Sunday August 21

Mail to: Deliver to:
Lake Murray Yacht Club
Bobby Drennan
102 N. Meridian
Pauls Valley, OK  73075
"B-Dock" Bobby Drennan
Lake Murray Marina Ship Store

Its a NEW Buoy
(actually 2)

2 New Buoys were deployed last week in Cove 53 and 54

This is the first new buoy deployments since 2010
New Lake Map with Buoy Locations

Download HERE
  Report a buoy problem



August 215

Water Level is 748.92'
Spillway is 750'

Lake Temperature 84F

Water Clear
Visibility 7' 7"

All Ramps Open
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Out with the Old - In with the New

The LMYC Buoy Team completed diving and tether repair on all LMYC Mooring Buoys this weekend and began the task of removing and replacing old failed buoys with new shiny ones and new numbers.

The remaining buoys will be refirbished with new numbers and replaced if bad over the remainder of the Summer.

Another BIG thanks to North Texas Marine for loaning us this beautiful camo work boat that has been so incredibly helpful working with the buoys.

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July 4, 2016

Hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July!
The weather caused some issues with the parade, but the judging and fun still took place! 

First Place: Nathan Aultman
Second Place: Bobby and Kristi Drennan
Third Place: Pinkston/Powell boat.
A big thank you to  Bobby and Kristi for coordinating this event!

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2md Place - Bobby and Kristi Drennan
2md Place - Bobby and Kristi Drennan
3rd place - Pinkston/Powell
3rd place - Pinkston/Powell

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Marina Management and Personnel, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, and Lake Murray Yacht Club all came together last Friday to deploy 2 new Marina entrance LIGHTED Marker buoys.

LMYC donated much of the material, OHP helped to locate the markers in the correct location and Marina personnel and equipment set the new solar LED lights held in place with 300 lb anchors and new galvanized chain.

July 3 is a moonless night and we hope all will enjoy the new lighs as you return to the Marina after the fireworks show.

Thanks to everyone, Chad from the Marina, Officer Groeber from OHP, and the LMYC for this great improvement to our Marina.
Clean Up Day

May 21, 2016

Thanks to all who participated in the Marina Clean-Up Day this past Saturday. 

And a BIG thanks to Glen and Terri Pinkston for a great lunch!!
Boating Safety Training

May 14

Another successful FREE training course.

20 students. A big thanks to all who worked to make this important course a success.
Great Video of Lake Murray Marina and Tucker Tower
Published on Mar 6, 2016

This video was shot on March 5th, 2016. All video was shot with a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced quadcopter. The song is "Ocean Drive" by Duke Dumont.

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OHP Officer Mike Groeber demonstrates use of the new Side Scan Sonar to LYMC Board Members over the Memorial Day Weekend
OHP Officer Mike Groeber demonstrates use of the new Side Scan Sonar to LYMC Board Members over the Memorial Day Weekend.

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LMYC Procures Hummingbird 360 Side Scan Sonar for Oklahoma Highway Patrol to use for Search and Rescue at Lake Murray. 

Great news article on the Sonar on KTEN 5/27/15. 
Click HERE to view the video report.

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LMYC Members Repairing Buoy
LMYC Members Repairing Buoy
Did You Know?.......

June 8, 2016.  The tie-up buoys located in many coves on Lake Murray were donated to the State of Oklahoma by the Lake Murray Yacht Club.  Under agreement with the State, LMYC provides for maintenance and repair of the buoys.

The buoys are available to all boaters on a first come - first serve basis.  Anyone noting a problem with a buoy should notify the LMYC.

Many of the buoys originally placed on the lake have failed and a number of the existing buoys have fallen in to disrepair.

LMYC has developed a repair plan and has received permission from the State to begain maintenance of existing buoys. As of June 6, 2016, all but 5 of the existing buoys have been dived for inspection.  20 buoys received new tethers and one additional was repaired.

It is expected the remaining 5 buoys will be inspected the weekend of June 8.  Approval has been received to set a limited number of new buoys.  This effort, and renumbering of existing buoys will begin the next weekend. 

LMYC has met with State Park officials to review the plan and have received their general concurrence.  The plan and budget are being submitted to Parks and Recreation for approval.  The plan allows for maintenance of the existing buoys and as many as 13 new (replacement) buoys to be deployed this summer at locations approved by Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Support the buoy program, join the Lake Murray Yacht Club.
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Buoy Restoration Under Way
Buoy Restoration Under Way
29 Dives - 20 Buoys With New Tethers
LMYC Members spent most of the weekend diving and restoring tethers on the lake's mooring buoys.  Scuba J made 29 dives inspecting tethers and anchor blocks and added new wire rope tethers to 20 buoys.  With only 5 more dives remaining, attention will now move to replacing damaged buoys, getting new numbers and reflectors in place, and hopefully anchoring some new buoys at approved locations.

A Big thanks to NORTH TEXAS MARINE OF GAINESVILLE for loaning their maintenance boat for the effort.  The job would have been almost impossible without that work boat.


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